Why all this hostility to success and successful people?

By: Salim Al Hamali

Wherever you go within Libya, you will find examples of successful people. However, you will also find loud voices criticizing and calling them out, you would find a great deal of hostility to success, and I do not know why.

If this was just another rare phenomenon in our Libyan community, then I would not bother to write about it now, but recently, it has become so epidemic that we ought to resist it.

What could be wrong with establishing a private university in Benghazi city, or if we cleaned our country’s streets all the time.

What could be wrong with Tripoli’s library becoming more focused on Libyan writings and decided to publish some of it? What could be wrong with having a television program about poetry, or having a world- famous Libyan author?

What could be wrong with forming a new political party, or if some Libyan citizens joined a tourist rally? And another long list of “what could be wrong with…”

Is not all what we have been through of destruction, corruption, blood, violence and immigrants enough for our country?

What is this calamity that has spread over Libya and made anything positive and beautiful so vulnerable to criticism? Is it envy, hatred, or is it that some people consider successful people as their enemies in life?

Yes, we should critics anything that could be wrong or corrupt, but this criticism should be always constructive for the sake of our country, not destructive. However, we know that those who make actions are always at the receiving end of criticism.



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