HoR constitutional amendment “big leap” towards resolution in Libya: HCS member

The approval of the House of Representatives (HoR) of the constitutional amendment to the referendum law and the progress in reducing the members of the Presidency Council represent “a big leap” towards resolving the Libyan crisis, High Council of State (HCS) member Abu Al-Kasem Qazit said Monday.

He added in a statement that the HoR’s move will contribute to the restoration of national political will, indicating that it will lead to a real solution to the political crisis. The HCS, of which Qazit is a member, advises both the Government of National Accord and the HoR.

The HoR, with 105 of 200 members present, voted on Monday to immunize Article 6 of the referendum law and include it in the constitutional declaration.

Article 6 provides for dividing the country into three constituencies, rather than one, with the requirement that each constituency receives fifty percent + one of votes to pass the draft constitution.

The HoR also amended the political agreement signed in the city of Skhirat, Morocco to restructure the Presidency Council to include a president and two deputies instead of nine members.


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