NOC condemns threats to shut down Sharara oilfield

The threat of the Libyan Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) to shut down production at el-Sharara oilfield was condemned by the National Oil Corporation (NOC), according to a Saturday statement.

NOC said PFG staged protests at Sharara oilfield and threatened a strike, but oil workers have refused to comply.

It added that the oilfield’s closure would lead to dire long-term consequences, particularly that Sharara also provides 120,000 bpd for Zawiya oil refinery in the west of the country, which is the largest operating refinery alongside being one of Libya’s main export grades.

Further, it warned that PFG’ actions may suspend several oil and local development projects.

On Saturday, Libyan tribesmen, self-proclaimed as the Fezzan Anger Movement, protested at Sharara oilfield and threatened to ceased production until their demands are fulfilled.

“As the force securing the field, we inform you that the Fezzan Anger Movement entered the field and stopped production in line with the demands of the movement,” the local oil force guarding Sharara oilfield said in a statement.

Fezzan is the historic name of the southern region of Libya where Sharara oilfield is located.

The movement demands securing of the road linking al-Jafra and al-Shuwairf towns to Fezzan, preserving Fezzan’s water and oil resources, and providing basic medical needs including equipment for Fezzan’s hospitals, according to the group’s spokesperson Mohammad Maighal.

Living conditions in Fezzan have deteriorated over years due to tribal clashes and a lack of security.

The field in Libya’s remote southwest produces around 300,000 barrels per day (bpd). It has suffered shutdowns caused by security problems, including raids, kidnappings and blockages by tribesmen and state-paid guards.


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