Faiez Sarraj meets Fezzan Anger Movement to end Sharara’s crisis

Head of the Presidency Council Faiez Sarraj met on Wednesday with the members of the Fezzan Anger Movement to reach a solution for el-Sharara oilfield crisis.

The meeting was attended by member of the House of Representatives (HoR) Saleh Hema, Chairman of the General Electricity Company Abdul Majid Hamza, Assistant to the head of the oil installation guards Mohamed al-Lafi, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Abu Baker al-Jafal.

Thus far, the Presidency Council has not issued any statement on the outcomes of the meeting.

The meeting came two days after the National Oil Corporation (NOC) declared a force majeure on Sharara oilfield, which has been seized by the Fezzan Anger Movement.

Since Dec. 8, Libyan tribesmen have protested at Sharara oilfield and threatened to cease production until their demands are fulfilled.

The movement demands the securing of the road linking al-Jafra and al-Shuwairf towns to Fezzan, preserving Fezzan’s water and oil resources, and providing basic medical needs including equipment for Fezzan’s hospitals, according to the group’s spokesperson Mohammad Maighal.

Living conditions in Fezzan have deteriorated over years due to tribal clashes and a lack of security.

The field in Libya’s remote southwest produces around 300,000 barrels per day (bpd). It has suffered shutdowns caused by security problems, including raids, kidnappings and blockages by tribesmen and state-paid guards.


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