Fuel crisis in Libya’s south to end in 10 days: Sabha mayor

Five million liters of gasoline and diesel alongside 80 tons of gas were dispatched to southern Libya Tuesday to end a fuel crisis.

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) sent the shipment, Representative of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Sabha, southwestern Libya, Nuri Al Bouishi, said in a Wednesday meeting at Sabha’s municipal council.

Bouishi added that 180 petrol stations across the southern region have been supplied with gasoline and diesel.

For his part, Mayor of Sabha Hamed al-Khayali said the meeting aimed to set a distribution strategy, as an agreement was signed by distribution companies to supply citizens with fuel.

Khayali added that the fuel crisis in the southern region is expected to end within 10 days.

Citizens of the southern region have been complaining about the shortage of fuel, and about fuel prices that exceeded LYD 3 per liter despite being in an oil-rich country.

Further, some international reports pointed out that due to the lack of security in the southern region, a great amount of fuel and goods are being smuggled by gangs with profits estimated at €10 billion.


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