NOC demands Ministry of Finances to raise salaries at oil sector

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) demanded the Ministry of Finance to increase the NOC 2019 budget to be able to raise the salaries of the oil sector’s employees by 67 percent, said NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla Saturday.

During a meeting with Chairman of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)’s Trade Union Ashraf al-Kaza and other members of the union, Sanalla said the NOC has already submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Finance to raise salaries at the oil sector.

In October, Sanalla called on the Libyan Central Bank, which manages Libya’s oil and gas revenues, to increase the salaries of oil workers by 67 percent in 2019.

The Libyan authorities approved the pay rise as long ago as 2013, but it was not applied amid the Libyan civil war and chaos.

In a previous statement to 218 news, Sanalla said the decision to raise the salaries of oil workers has been reversed by the state institution concerned with Libya’s financial affairs, rather than the NOC.

Meanwhile, as food imports have become expensive owing to inflation and a cheaper dinar, workers at nine oil fields across Libya have protested in recent months, demanding higher salaries as promised by the NOC, according to Reuters.



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