HoR approves proposal to Join Jafra, Fezzan administratively during referendum

Al-Jufra will join Fezzan region in the south administratively during the constitutional referendum, as the House of Representative (HoR) approved the proposal on Tuesday.

MPs representing the south called on the HoR to draft a law in the constitutional referendum bill stipulating that the administration of Jufra area, located in central Libya, should be part of the southern region, according to Spokesman of the HoR Abdullah Balik.

Jufra includes several cities, including Al-Fuqaha, Zala, Sokna and Hun.

The HoR is studying the amendments made to the constitutional referendum bill to vote for a new constitution and then hold presidential elections, which are attempts to achieve stability and end division.

However, the amendments raised controversy in the past period as several MPs and the High State Council consider them “unconstitutional.”

In December, the HoR session that approved the constitutional referendum bill was contested at the Supreme Court in Tripoli.
Members of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) and the HoR appealed to the court against the 26 November session which amended Article 6 of the draft.

Rejected by the High State Council, the amended article stipulates that Libya should be divided into three electoral districts in Fezzan, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica instead of one, with the requirement that voters in each district are at least 50 percent+one of those registered, and of those 50 percent+one must vote for the constitution in order to pass.
Prior to the amendment, Libya was been treated as one voting district by the Transitional Constitution.

The session that approved Article 6 is considered “unconstitutional” as any amendment to the constitutional declaration requires a vote of no less than 120 members of parliament, while those who attended said session and voted on the amendment did not exceed 105 members.

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