Former PFG chief Jadran: Attorney General’s charges ‘fabricated’

Former chief of the Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG) Ibrahim Jadran accused on Sunday Libya’s Attorney General of “fabricating charges” against him after his name was among 37 suspects on a recent arrest warrant.

In a voice recording, Jadran said although his forces “have sacrificed themselves” while combating Libya’s opposition forces and defending Libya’s security, the Attorney General put them on the terrorist list.

On 4 January, Libya’s Attorney General issued an arrest warrant that listed 37 names, including 31 non-Libyans made up of 23 Chadian and eight Sudanese opposition rebels based in Libya on charges of abduction for ransom, armed robberies in southern Libya and attacks on Libyan oil fields.

The six Libyans charged in the warrant include Abdul Hakim Belhadj, the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was allied to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and former self-proclaimed chief of the PFG Ibrahim Jadran.

Jadran is accused of launching an attack last June on the oil crescent and on Tamanhint airbase in southern Libya in May.


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