Why we did not establish a civil state?

The public discourse is the engine that drives individuals to adhere to their revolution against the death movements amid war and destruction. The public discourse can be transformed into giant human resource that provides a diagnosis of the plagued nation that threatens civilizations.

Why did not we succeed in building a civil state? The answer lies in intolerance, tribal conflicts, social contradiction, and repression.

Ideas are the labor force of this century. Ideas help peoples to determine their destiny.  The public discourse and weaving its ideas changes the destinies of nations. No future without resistance.

When you reform the public discourse accurately, the people will change. If you changed the people, you will make a powerful nation. And if you made a powerful nation, you will make history.

Change is a struggle that must occur after prevailed injustice. Let’s start with reconciliation. Reconciliation has the potential to make a radical change and cause benefits.

Partial slogans will be overthrown or fall down, when the public realizes that the right to life, freedom, and dignity should not be waived.

It is not impossible. One of the secrets of success in my perspective is the importance of each individual and his job. We are all important. We all are responsibility towards our society.

Who is the enemy? How can we prepare the future generations to face it? I believe the enemy is taking dignity away from humans.

If the power of public discourse can turn the principles into human energy, then where is your discourse today?

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