BPMC, NOC send 4th fuel truck convoy supply to southern region

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) and the National Oil Corporation (NOC) will send the fourth truck convoy of fuel supply to Libya’s southern region, BPMC announced on Saturday.

The truck convoy will carry around 1.8 million liters of vehicle fuel, one million liters of diesel and 40 tons of liquefied gas (cooking gas) from the Misurata warehouse, northwestern Libya, to Sabha warehouse in the south.

Citizens of the southern region have been complaining about the shortage of fuel, and about fuel prices that exceeded LYD 3 per liter despite being in an oil-rich country.

Hence, the Fezzan Anger Movement that seized on 8 December el-Sharara oil field, demanding the government to supply the southern region with basic needs such as food and fuel.

To meet their demands and put an end to the deteriorating situation in the region, BPMC and NOC have sent several truck convoys to the region, the most recent of which was dispatched in December.

As part of their plan, a truck convoy traveled to the south on 18 December, carrying around 3.8 million liters of vehicle fuel, 1.2 million liters of diesel, and 80 tons of liquefied gas from the Misurata warehouse to the south of the country, according to NOC.

In order to guarantee the delivery of fuel to the people of the south and to prevent its smuggling, BPMC concluded an important agreement with the elders and municipalities of the region to jointly work in the framework of a partnership and calculate fuel quantities for distribution on a daily basis.


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