No NATO forces in Libya: Appathurai

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs James Appathurai confirmed on Friday that no NATO forces are deployed in Libya.

Talks were held between Libyan officials and NATO members to help Libya in building a strong defense ministry and army; however, no agreements were signed, Appathurai told Tunisian newspaper Assabah.

He said NATO’s previous military intervention in Libya was decided upon the call of the United Nations (UN) and the Security Council, admitting that the interference could have been more helpful for Libya.

Appathurai added that the UN and the European Union shoulder the responsibility for the chaos in Libya, as more measures should have been taken after the military interference to protect the country from descending into the spiral of violence.

During the 2011 uprising, the NATO intervened in the conflict between the Muammar Gaddafi regime supporters and the Libyan opposition.

The cause of the intervention was declared to be the protection of civilians and prevent massacres, but thousands of innocent people were killed due to strikes.


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