Sarraj appoints new economic adviser amid dispute in PC

Libya’s Presidency Council (PC) issued a decree on Saturday to appoint Mohamed Ali Al-Huwij as the economic adviser, and Mohamed Mohamed Samaida as Economic Affairs Coordinator for the PC’s Head, Faiez Al-Sarraj.

In accordance with the decrees No. 45 and 52 for 2019, the competent authorities shall implement the decisions starting from the date of their issuance, and any previous rule that contradicts to them shall be null.

A dispute has emerged last week among the members of Libya’s Presidency Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) while the nation is preparing for the upcoming municipal elections that may contribute to ending the ongoing political crisis.

A statement allegedly signed by three members of the PC, but not published on the GNA’s affiliated websites, said Sarraj’s policies may lead to the destruction of state institutions, and return Libyans “back to zero.”

According to the statement, the PC under the administration of Sarraj has become a part of the political crisis and internal conflicts in Libya rather than a “tool for solution.” They called for an immediate stop to what they called “monopoly” of making important decisions without consulting the other members.

Libya remains divided between the U.N.-backed GNA, based in Tripoli and led by Sarraj, and a rival administration in the east led by Commander Khalifa Haftar that has support from Egypt, Russia, and the UAE.


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