Warfalla tribe vows to end southern Tripoli conflict

Warfalla tribe, the largest and most influential tribe in Libya, will intervene to resolve the conflict in southern Libya, the Social Council of Warfalla Tribes (SCWT) announced on Sunday.

The Preparatory Committee of the Libyan Tribal Leaders Forum in Bani Walid demanded Saturday Warfalla tribe to intervene and resolve the conflict between Tarhuna 7th Brigade and Tripoli Protection Force.

Meanwhile, the Preparatory Committee called on the Social Council of Tarhuna and Tripoli elders to hold a meeting with Warfalla tribe to discuss ways to end the conflict.

Heavy clashes have gripped the south of Libyan capital Tripoli since Wednesday between rival militias linked to the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), including the 7th Brigade and Tripoli Protection Force.

Since its arrival in Tripoli in March 2016, the GNA has had to rely on militia groups because it lacks an organized military force. However, the GNA’s control over these militias appears limited.

The World Health Organization (WHO) denounced attacks on civilians and health facilities in Tripoli amid the clashes.

According to a Saturday WHO, around six civilians were killed trying to flee the violence, while 13 in total were killed in the clashes and 52 were injured.


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