More militias engage in Tripoli clashes

Amid local and international attempts to settle the armed conflict erupted in south Tripoli, more armed groups have engaged in the fighting complicating the situation.

It began when the people of Sabia neighborhood called for help from the RADA Special Deterrence Forces to counter the theft and looting of government institutions and private shops by an armed group allegedly belong to the so-called the 55 Battalion.

The 55 Battalion members appeared in a video wearing military uniform vowing to fight gangs in Tripoli before they set fire to one of the buildings in the area of Sabia.

The armed group appeared again in another video wearing civilian clothes while chanting Islamic slogans and vowing to fight against the 7th Brigade.

Heavy clashes have gripped the south of Libyan capital Tripoli since Wednesday between rival militias linked to the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

The Department of Wounded Affairs of the Ministry of Health confirmed the evacuation of 210 families on Thursday from confrontation areas in Sabia and Souk Al-Khamis south of Tripoli.

The Ministry of Health disclosed on Sunday the increasing of casualties resulting from the clashes in southern Tripoli to 13 fatalities and 52 wounded, among them women and children.


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