Zintan tribe calls on LNA to control Tripoli, western Libya:

Zintan tribe in southwest of Tripoli called on the Libyan National Army to strengthen its control over the capital and western Libya to put an end to the chaos in these regions, according to a Wednesday statement.

The tribe denied its involvement in the clashes that erupted in southern Libya, saying it refuses to get involved in any civil tensions.

The statement added that Zintan tribe’s mission is only to participate in social reconciliation and help resolve the conflict among Libyans.

Heavy clashes gripped the southern Tripoli earlier in January between rival militias linked to the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), including the 7th Brigade and Tripoli Protection Force.

According to a Saturday WHO statement, around six civilians were killed trying to flee the violence, while 13 in total were killed in the clashes and 52 were injured.

To stop the clashes, Warfalla tribe and the Social Council of Tarhuna reached on Sunday a ceasefire agreement in southern Tripoli.

Since its arrival in Tripoli in March 2016, the GNA has relied on militia groups to provide security for the capital.

Instead, these militias have battled each other to control the capital, instigating several clashes that have shattered Tripoli.

Meanwhile in the east, the LNA has largely eliminated terrorists from the area and imposed security, but has repeatedly requested aid from the international community to reconstruct the region that suffers from the ruins of war.


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