Fighting militias in southern Tripoli exchange prisoners, bodies

Tripoli Protection Forces has handed over 10 prisoners affiliated to the 7th Brigade in return for six bodies and 17 prisoners abducted earlier by the Tarhuna militia, a ceasefire committee announced on Thursday.

Earlier, the spokesperson for the Health Ministry’s Emergency Service, Osama Ali, said he received a list of the killed militants who were saved in the hospitals of Tarhuna and Tripoli, in preparation for the exchange of bodies between the two militias.

In a press statement, Ali added the total number of casualties in the recent clashes in the south of Tripoli has reached 29 people, as well as other 13 bodies reported missing before the two parties agreed to cooperate in identifying the dead in their custody.

The Warfalla-brokered ceasefire agreement called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of fighting militia forces to 15 kms from respective Greater Tripoli and Tarhuna  boundaries.

A previous ceasefire in August 2018 between the coalition of Tripoli militias and the Tarhuna militias had been held in the city of Zawia and was brokered by United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL)

The (UNSMIL) seems to have been sidelined on this occasion and was criticized by both fighting parties and indirectly blamed for the collapse of the former ceasefire.


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