Head of High Council of State resigns from Muslim Brotherhood

Head of the High Council of State Khalid Al-Mishri resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood group but continues his political and party career, according to his televised statement on Saturday.

“I declare my resignation and my withdrawal from the Muslim Brotherhood, but will continue my political and party work as I behold all respect and admiration for all members of the group,” Mishri said.

He did not specify the reason behind his resignation, but called on Libyans to cooperate away from “any slogans or names that may be used to strike the unity and cohesion of the Libyan society”.

This announcement came three days after the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood had held a meeting in Turkey, during which it discussed the divisions inside the group and its role in the media to influence the public opinion.

Mishri was elected in April 2018 as the new head of the High Council of State, established in 2015 per the Skhirat Agreement. At the time, he was the candidate of Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party.

The Brotherhood is designated as a “terrorist group” in several countries, including Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kazakhstan.

After the 2011 uprisings that ousted Muammer Qaddafi, the Muslim Brotherhood emerged as Libya’s largest Islamist party.

Libya held elections in 2012 for the General National Congress that replaced Libya’s National Transitional Council, the country’s interim legislative body that was established days after the beginning of the uprising.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party took 34 seats, while Salafi parties picked up 27 other seats—a total of 61 seats for Islamists.

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