LNA announces arresting senior Qaeda terrorist

Libyan National Army (LNA) arrested on Saturday senior Qaeda terrorist Al-Amin Ali Milud Kalfa, who involved in terrorist attacks in Libya including the assassination of security officers, LNA Spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari declared on Wednesday.

Kalfa was one of the most dangerous wanted terrorist in Libya for involving in assassinating security officers, Mismari referred in a press conference, praising Misurata and Ziltan security for their efforts to arrest the al-Qaeda member.

The military operation in the southern region has reached its third stage, which is cleansing Sabha, Mismari added.

He further remarked that large amounts of additional fuel will reach the city of Sabha and its meihhboring region.

“LNA has secured 90% of Libyan territories, and now we can say that Libya has returned to the bosom of international security and peace,” he said.

LNA’s operation began on 14 January, and the army has already killed Al-Qaeda leader in Libya, known as Abu al-Zubair al-Libi, was killed on Sunday during a raid at Hijara, a neighborhood in Sabha. It also gained control on strategic locations in Sabha, including Sabha International Airport and some military camps formerly seized by armed groups.

Meanwhile, claims have recently been made about the formation of military forces supported by head of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Faiez Sarraj and head of the High State Council Khaled al-Mishri.

However, Mismari said such claims are made by “illegitimate parties to underestimate “the victories of the LNA,” emphasizing that the LNA has “parliamentary and popular legitimacy.”

The House of Representatives supports the LNA and its commander, Khalifa Haftar, but the GNA plans another parliamentary election soon.


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