Benghazi’s isolation to end soon, Int’l companies says will resume work

Positive signs of a new phase waiting for Benghazi, after years of being isolated due to the political conflict that hit the country since 2011.

Number of the legitimate and governmental institutions has resumed working inside the city during the past period, especially after announcing being secured and free of terrorists.

Benghazi also witnessed several official visits  by delegations and international missions during the past period, including the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Maria Ribeiro, accompanied with officials from World Food Program, World Health Organization and International Organization for Migration.

Besides these official visits, other representatives for international companies  visited the city during the past period assuring their willingness to resume working inside the city, including representatives for private companies from Italy, Belgium, China and the United States of America.

All these signs could be an indicator the economic isolation hat was witnessed by the city during the last years is about to come to an end.




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