Women’s Support, Empowerment Unit seeks boosting Libyan women’s rights

Head of the Women’s Support and Empowerment Unit, affiliated to Libya’s Presidency Council, Laila Al-Lafi, met with the Libyan Political Agreement’s Dialogue Committee member, Nihad Maiteeq, on Friday to discuss ways to promote women’s economic, political, and social rights.

The meeting, held at the Prime Minister’s office in the Libyan capital Tripoli, tackled the unit’s objectives, the challenges it faces, and the needed support, in addition to the structure of the unit.

Al-Lafi also reviewed the unit’s achievements during its foundation phase in accordance with its executive plan for 2019.

Women’s Support and Empowerment Unit has been established based on Article 11 of the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Agreement, which was signed by the Libyan rivals in late 2015 in order to end the political division in the country.

The unit held its first coordination meeting on 5 February with a number of representatives of embassies in Libya, United Nations agencies, the European Union, the European Union Border Assistance Mission, and International non-governmental organizations. Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Stephanie Williams, also attended the meeting.

“This is a significant moment in the history of Libyan women. This meeting marks the recognition by Libyan authorities of Libyan women’s critical role in state-building, development and peacemaking efforts,” said Williams addressing the meeting.

She expressed UNSMIL’s commitment to secure strong participation of women and youth in the National Conference, stressing the key role women can play to ensure the Conference will succeed in achieving a historic settlement between the Libyan on the future of their country.


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