Derna ’entirely liberated’ from militants: Derna Security Directorate

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has “entirely liberated” Derna, northeastern Libya, from armed groups and terrorists, Derna Security Directorate said Saturday.

Derna was under the control of terrorist groups since 2011. Its residents have suffered from killing, abduction, looting and forcible displacement.

As part of LNA’s plan to uproot terrorism from Libya, Derna has been under military siege by the LNA since July 2017.

The fighting has intensified since mid-May 2018, when the LNA increased its troops to expel the militants from the city.

During May and June 2018, the city witnessed intense aerial bombardment and use of heavy weapons, including artillery. The intensified fighting reached the city center.

Although LNA declared its “victory” on 28 June 2018, the fighting continued inside the old city of Derna, as remaining militants continued to control the area after their retreat from the outskirts.

Because of the security seemingly achieved in the city, Derna has begun to return to normal life, and approximately 1,300 families have returned to the city.


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