Interim gov. slams GNA’s allegations against LNA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the interim government condemned using of Libyan embassies and diplomatic missions by Government of National Accord (GNA) to “spread false information about Libya”.

In a Wednesday statement, the ministry slammed the letter sent by Elmahdi Elmajerbi, chargé d’affaires at the Permanent Mission of Libya to the U.N., to the Security Council, in which he described the Libyan National Army’s operation in the El-Feel oil field as a “terrorist act” that violates international law in reference to attacking a private plane carrying Lieutenant General Ali Kana, who was appointed by GNA as the new Commander of Sabha Military Region. However, Libya’s Permanent Mission to the UN said the plane was carrying wounded people.

Moreover, the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives denounced the “distress letter” and demanded that the letter be withdrawn immediately because it encourages external interference in Libya.

The Foreign Ministry said GNA aims to create more tension in the country and hinder the national efforts to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis by comprehensive reconciliation.

Elmajerbi lodged a complaint at the Security Council on behalf of the Presidency Council on Saturday against the General Command of the Eastern Region, saying it carried out an air raid on El-Feel oil field, hitting the runway when a Libyan plane was transporting wounded people for treatment in Tripoli. The Libyan representative requested the Security Council to take urgent measures to stop such acts immediately, and oblige all Libyan parties to implement the Security Council resolutions and stop any attack that would jeopardize state institutions.

“The strike targeted the airport’s runway and infrastructure of El-Feel field, which is one of the main oil fields in the southwest of the country, and one of the livelihoods of the Libyan people,” the complaint said, stressing that such attacks are recognized as crimes against humanity in all international laws and treaties.


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