3.3M-long whale found dead on shores east of Sirte

A 3.36-meter-long minke whale was found dead on shores east of Sirte city on Sunday morning, according to the Libyan Wildlife Trust.

on Facebook, the Libyan Wildlife Trust posted a number of photos of the whale, saying that it was stuck in a fisherman’s net.

According to the statement, the whale died after fishermen failed to rescue him from the net.

Specialized teams affiliated with the Libyan Wildlife Trust headed to the Whale’s location after it was informed by one of the fishermen.

This is the first time a minke whale has been spotted on Libya’s shores, the Libyan Wildlife Trust said.

Minke whales typically live for 30–50 years. Upon reaching sexual maturity (6–8 years of age), males measure an average of 6.9 meters (23 feet) and females eight meters (26 feet) in length.

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