Italy to organize Libyan National Conference end of March

Italy will organize the Libyan National Conference, scheduled for the end of March, to bring all Libyan factions together, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared Sunday.

Conted said the conference, which will be organized with UN Mission Support in Libya (UNSMIL), is an important step to reach a political settlement in Libya.

He added that it will be different from the November Palermo Conference in 2018, as it will “put pressure on Libyan factions” to declare their commitment to end Libyan crisis.

Italian prime minister noted that he called the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, to follow up political developments in Libya and the agreement concluded on 4 March between head of the Presidency Council Faiez Sarraj and the National Army Commander Khalifa Hafater in Abu Dhabi.

Late Feb, Salame announced that all Libyan factions should attend the National Conference in Libya to pave the way for the elections and unify institutions, the only condition for all Libyan parties to approve the elections’ results.

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