Libya requires modern equipment to monitor airspace: official

Suspending the flights of Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli due to an unidentified drone hovering above the airport proves that Libya lacks sophisticated and modern equipment to monitor its airspace, Director of the Libyan Center for Security Studies, Adel al-Talhi, told 218news on Sunday.

Commenting on the suspicious drone that flew over the airport on Saturday, Talhi said Libya is on its way toward rebuilding its institutions; hence, its airspace system should be improved.

Director of the Libyan Center for Security Studies added that so far, there is no information about the drone and the reason for its entry into the airspace of Tripoli.

Mitiga is a military airbase near the center of Tripoli that has also hosted civilian flights since Tripoli International Airport was largely destroyed by fighting in 2014.

On March 5-6, the airport suspended flights over the same reason as per orders by the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure the safety of both crews and passengers.

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