Libya’s production of oil hits 1.2M bpd

Libya’s production of oil has reached 1.2 million barrels per day, according to statements by head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanalla to Bloomberg on Monday.

Only three weeks ago, Libya’s production of oil was only 900,000 bpd, but after the reopening of el-Sharara oilfield, production has increased notably, Sanalla told the US website.

Discussions to increase the country’s production of oil are ongoing on many levels, he said.

“We are making communications with our partners to raise our production of oil and gas. For this year we already started a great program for increasing our gas production, and comparing with our production last year ‘we are doing well'”. Sanalla told Bloomberg.

He also noted that most of the Libyan oil fields are ‘outdated’ and didn’t go for rehabilitation since a long time because of the embargo imposed on Libya, adding “but now we have ambitions to make the needed rehabilitation for the oil fields and its infrastructure starting from the pipelines until the entire facilities.”

Regarding the daily production of Sharara oil field since lifting the force major, Sanalla said that the current production of the field hit nearly 260bpd.

“But we are working really hard to increase its capacity as it used to be.” Sanalla added.
Two weeks ago, NOC lift the force majeure at el-Sharara oilfield after armed groups that had captured it left the field.

“NOC has received assurances that the site’s security has been restored. Verified by our own inspection team, our staff will be able to return to work. This costly episode highlights the importance of the NOC remaining independent and free from extortion and armed incursion,” said NOC head Mostafa Sanalla in a statement.

The NOC said the losses, incurred by the shutdown of the field, have reached $1.8 billion.

“Sharara operating company Akakus has received a written assurance from the Libyan National Army’s Brigadier General Al-Rifi Kennah Ahmed Ali, that all individuals subject to a Public Prosecutor arrest warrant have been removed from the field and will not be readmitted to the site. Additional security measures for on-site staff are being implemented, with perimeter security and safe ‘green zones’ a priority,” according to the statement.

In the late February , Sanalla declared NOC’s conditions to reopen the field, including the safety of workers and the departure of the armed groups responsible for the field’s closure, saying these groups terrorized the workers.

To put an end to the chaos at Libya’s biggest oilfield with the production of 35,000 barrels per day, the NOC has initiated criminal proceedings against these groups with “evidence of their criminal acts,” he added.


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