Libya prepares for local elections in 7 municipalities

The Libyan municipal elections will resume on Saturday in seven municipalities out of the original 69 in the country’s first poll since 2014, Libya’s Central Committee for Municipal Elections announced on Thursday.

The seven municipalities are Asbi’a, Riqdalin, Zawiya, Kikla, Bawanis, al-Ghurayfah, and Wazzin. The committee said the polling stations will open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Last week, the committee held the local elections in nine municipalities, including Bint Bayyah, Wadi Otbh, Batin al-Jabal, al-Qalaa, Alriyayna, aI-Hawamid, Zuwarah, Ghadames and Nalut.

The voting results of these municipalities are expected to be announced starting from Sunday.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) expressed relief that the elections were held peacefully in the nine municipalities, saying it is an implication of Libyans’ commitment to the democratic path.

Last December, the election committee opened the door for voter registration in some municipalities to update their data.

As for the registration of voters and candidates in other municipalities, the committee’s head Salim bin Tahia said they will begin to accept potential candidates after the holy month of Ramadan, including Tripoli, Abu Salim, and Ain Zara, adding that they are preparing for candidacy registration in the eastern region.

Bin Tahia added that there are some municipalities that did not open voter registration because they are only newly established, and the Committee was waiting to clarify the legal status of these municipalities.

He revealed that the Government of National Accord has already allocated LYD one million for the budgets of the municipality councils to be formed.


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