Trump, Haftar discuses ongoing counterterrorism efforts

US President Donald Trump discussed “ongoing counterterrorism efforts” Monday, with Libyan National Army (LNA) commander Khalifa Haftar.

It was added in a Friday White House statement, that Trump praised Haftar’s “significant role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya’s oil resources.”

They also discussed a “shared vision for Libya’s transition to a stable, democratic political system,” according to the White House statement.

On April 4, Haftar announced the launch of an offensive against Tripoli, while the government of National Accord (GNA) ordered all allied military units to gear up to defend the capital. The warring factions are currently involved in battles along the outskirts of Tripoli.

Two days ago, head of the UN Support Mission in Libya Ghassan Salame expressed his concern about a split at the Security Council over the Libyan crisis as the situation worsens.

Salame revealed the UN mission is in talks with all conflicting parties to reach a ceasefire in Tripoli. He added that the GNA required that LNA withdraws to their previous positions.

Also, on Wednesday, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanalla warned of the adverse impact of military escalation on the production of Libya’s crude oil.

“The continuation of the conflict would hinder the distribution of the refined fuel and lead to the theft and smuggling of crude oil,” Sanalla said on the sidelines of the Oil and Fuel Supply Chain Security Conference in London.

In the war between head of the Government of the National Accord (GNA) Faiez al-Sarraj and General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar over Tripoli, heavy weapons have been used on residential units, schools and hospitals, killing more than 200 people and injured 913.


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