Libya resumes municipal elections despite Tripoli fighting

Despite the ongoing clashes in Tripoli, municipal elections resumed on Saturday in several provinces.

The elections were held in Zelten, Ash Shwayrif, Brak, Adiri, Sabha, and the southwestern municipality of Awbari‎.

The Central Committee for Municipal Elections (CCMCE) announced the rescheduling of the electoral process in four municipalities, Sabha, Sorman, Sabratah, and el-Haraba, for Saturday.

Earlier, CCMCE postponed municipal elections in a number of areas due to the security and military developments.

In a tweet, UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame praised the electoral process and the determination of the Libyans to hold and participate in the municipal elections despite the current crisis.

Further, CCMCE called on people to vote en masse in the municipal elections, after the first stage of voting was concluded in nine municipalities.

CCMCE extended gratitude to international and local partners, revealing that voter turnout in previous polls reached 33 percent, according to its official website.

However, Salem bin Tahia, head of CCMC, said there was a 38 percent turnout. Local elections will be held every Saturday until completing 33 municipalities, then the committee will resume elections after Ramadan, he added.


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