LNA seeks to expel armed groups from Libya: HoR speaker

HoR Speaker Aguila Saleh has reiterated his support to the Libyan National Army (LNA)’s operation to “liberate” Tripoli from armed groups, on which the Government of National Accord (GNA) largely depend to maintain security.

“The military operations by the LNA in all Libyan regions aim to liberate them from terrorists, extremists and those who threaten the security and safety of the country and its residents, “said Saleh.

Saleh emphasized that the LNA target “only terrorists” and not civilians, praising the military operations in the western region and calling upon to support the army while trying to achieve security in the region.

Previously, Aguila blamed the United Nations for not taking any step regarding armed groups’ control on the GNA.

The HoR will prepare for the elections after the Libyan National Army (LNA) ends its operation, launched April 4 to “uproot terrorist and armed groups from Tripoli,” Saleh said during the first parliamentary session the HoR headquarters in Benghazi on 13 April. Previous sessions were held in Tobruk since the 2014 election.

Saleh reiterates a claim previously voiced by the LNA spokesperson that the GNA allied with armed groups from Misurata to stand against the army’s progress in Tripoli.

He added that the LNA bears the responsibility to expel terrorist organizations from Libya to achieve stability and establish democracy.


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