Security measures for the Capital in Ramadan

Heavy security measures were arranged for the Libyan Capital, Tripoli during the holy month of Ramadan aiming at protecting civilians who are suffering amid the ongoing violence.

Government of National Accord (GNA) interior ministry announced, Sunday that a meeting was held in the headquarters of Tripoli Security Directorate chaired by the Directorate head Salem Qremida and his assistant security for security affairs General Ramadan Barbash.

The meeting was held also with the participation of heads of the centers, offices, sections and units affiliated with the Directorate, along with representatives of the security services involved in the implementation of the plan all over the city.

According to statement published by GNA’s ministry, the meeting discussed the mechanism of implementation of the security plan, which includes intensifying patrols and security ambushes on the roads.

The plan also included intensifying efforts to arrest dangerous elements, facilitate traffic and assure the protection of civilians, public and private property.

Monday, May 6, was announced to mark Ramadan’s first day in Libya. The holy month comes amid ongoing violence and fighting in the capital since April 4, between GNA and LNA forces.


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