Warning of foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Libya

The Libyan National Center of Animal Health in Benghazi called for the immediate reporting of any foot-and-mouth infection among animals after receiving reports of a suspected outbreak of the disease.

In a Monday statement, the center called on owners of farms who would observe any symptoms of the disease on their animals to contact animal health offices spread nationwide.

“Farm owners must isolate infected animals and treat them in a regular way using antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs with the advice of a veterinarian, and not to move animals from their place and avoid going to markets to sell them,” the statement added.

The Libyan National Center of Animal Health emphasized the need to clean the vehicles that carry the infected animals.

The Foot-and-mouth disease affects all cloven-hoofed animals, including sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo and pigs. It causes serious production losses and can be lethal, particularly to younger animals.

Meat and milk from sick animals are unsafe for consumption, but the disease does not affect humans.


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