Interim gov’t urges int’l stance against Turkey, Qatar for ‘funding terror’

The international community should take an action against the support of Qatar and Turkey to armed groups and militias in Libya, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benghazi-based Interim Libyan Government Abdul Hadi Al-Hweij said Tuesday.

In an interview with London-based Al Arab, Hweij that Turkey and Qatar fund terrorist groups in Libyan cities, namely Tripoli and Misurata, urging the international community to lift the arms embargo the Libyan National Army (LNA) that fights terrorism in Libya.

He added that the Head of the Government of the National Accord (GNA), Faiez Sarraj, uses armed groups to fight the LNA, referring to some documents and evidences proving that the GNA has spent $800,000 on foreign technicians and pilots.

The foreign Minister concluded that the war will not end unless the LNA fully control Tripoli, expel armed groups from the western region, establish an independent national state not a military state as Sarraj claimed.

Previously, the LNA Spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari said Turkey is a “sponsor of terrorism;” its President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has supports the Government of National Accord (GNA) in “its war” against the LNA’s advance in the western region.

Mismari added the eastern army is fighting terrorism sponsored by different states that support the GNA, as the latter has relied on militias in its battle for Tripoli.

A number of weapon shipments coming from Turkey have been seized at different Libyan ports in recent months, but the reaction of the LNA has been more critical of Turkey than the GNA.


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