Libya ranks 152 out of 186 in Euromoney Country Risk Index

Libya ranked 152 out of 186 during the first quarter of 2019 in the Euromoney Country Risk Index 2019, a consensus survey of expert opinion of country risk.

The index is based on six core indicators in 186 countries, as it measures the degree of political and economic risks, public debt, credit rating, structural performance, income indicators, and financial and banking markets.

Saudi Arabia was ranked 49th in the world, followed by Oman (50th globally), and Morocco (68th globally).

Since the 2011 uprising, Libya has been suffering from the civil war between eastern and western powers and lack of security, which have all led to the emergence of Islamic State (IS) in Libya and armed groups.

Amid the security chaos, human trafficking and illegal immigration have disseminated across Libya, especially the southern region.

The war has been escalating since April 4, when General Commander of Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar launched a military operation to “liberate Tripoli,” where his rival Faiez al-Sarraj is based, from armed groups.

The ongoing battles have killed thus far 454 people and wounded 2154, including civilians.


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