UNSMIL express concern over conditions inside Libya’s prisons

Stephanie Williams, deputy special representative of the UN Secretary General for Political Affairs in Libya expressed its concern about the human rights situation inside prisons, indicating that some conditions require immediate action

During meeting with the government of National Accord (GNA)’s Minister of Justice Mohamed Lamloum, Williams asserted the UN support to improve judicial police capabilities.

she raised concerns about human rights situation in prisons that require immediate action, according to UNSMIL tweet.

In April 2018, the United Nations issued a detailed report on arbitrary detention in Libya, amid concerns over human rights violations.

The report pointed to the failure of the Libyan political agreements to protect detainees.

According to the report, the influence of armed groups responsible for arbitrary detentions continues to increase, especially after they have been granted legitimacy by integrating them into official state bodies that provide them with uniforms and pay their monthly wages.

The report pointed out that approximately 2,600 people are being held inside Meetiga Air Base in Tripoli and have not been brought before the judicial authorities, also in the eastern region, nearly 1,800 detainees are in the same conditions.


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