Qasr bin Ghashir witnesses humanitarian crisis

Amid the escalation of the civil war in Libya, the western region’s residents, including those living in Qasr bin Ghashir, have greatly suffered from the continuous bombardment on the region’s facilities including schools and homes, the lack of infrastructure and medical supplies, and food shortages.

Since the beginning of the war between General Commander of Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar and head of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in the western region on April 4 following Haftar’s orders to “liberate” the region, Qasr Beni Ghashir is one of the most war-affected places amid fears of escalation.

Hitting Qasr bin Ghasir, located in the Tripoli district, has become regular, destroying buildings, farms and public and private properties.

In mid-May, militias and Islamic groups fighting in the ranks of the Tripoli-based GNA, indiscriminately shelled Tripoli’s southern neighborhoods, including Qasr Beni Ghashir, sources in the LNA told the Libyan Address Journal.

“Militias indiscriminately shelled residential areas in the Qasr bin Ghashir area, after their forces lost fighting on the ground and suffered heavy losses,” the LNA source claimed.

This comes along the crisis of refugees and migrants who have been trapped in detention centers due to clashes with lack of food and basic needs.

On April 23, refugees and migrants in Qasr bin Gashir detention centre in Tripoli were reportedly shot.

No one has claimed the responsibility for the attack as both the LNA and the GNA have exchanged accusations over the civilian casualties.

The GNA has blamed the LNA for opening fire on a migrant shelter in Qasr bin Ghashir and injuring people inside on April 23, killing at least two and injuring dozens.

GNA spokesperson Muhannad Younis said Qasr bin Ghashir became a dangerous region due to the LNA military operations and clashes, which hinder the Red Crescent delivery of humanitarian aid to the area in Tripoli.

The incident is a “crime against humanity” as it violates international law, Younis said, adding that the GNA will submit evidence and documents on the LNA’s “crimes” to international courts.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the LNA Ahmed al-Mismari claimed that the the GNA used bombs in residential areas.


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