Tripoli municipal council denies fuel shortage rumors

The emergency committee affiliated with the Municipal Council of Tripoli announced, Sunday the availability of gasoline at the distribution stations in sufficient amounts.

The committee added that nearly 33 million liters of gasoline have arrived to Tripoli port.

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) which is affiliated with the  Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) also reassured citizens in the capital of the availability of fuel in all warehouses, denying all rumors on having  gasoline shortage.

BPMC called on Libyans not to follow rumors on this regard, not to be used to create a gasoline black market with high prices.

Recently, number of photos were published on social media referring that the Capital is suffering from fuel shortage, which creates a statues of fear and panic among the Libyans who thought that the crises is going to affect their lives during the coming days.

Libyans are suffering due to ongoing fighting between Government of National Accord (GNA)and Libyan National Army (LNA) since April 4, as LNA lead an offensive against Tripoli claiming that the operation aims at Librating the city of terrorism.


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