Taraghan sends medical convoy to Ghat

Taraghan’s Ambulance and Emergency Services sent Thursday a medical convoy of 14 vehicles and three ambulances to Ghat, southwestern city, that has been hit by floods since Tuesday.

Further, Libyan Interim Government provided humanitarian aid to Ghat after raising the prepardness in the city.

On Tuesday, Ghat Municipal Council called on all local and international humanitarian organizations to provide urgent aid to the people of the city, as the floods nearly covered 70 percent of the streets. Some 518 families were reported to be displaced from the city and more families are expected to follow, according to the officials statements.

A shipment of medical aid provided by Libya’s Field Medicine and Support Center (FMSC) was seen arriving at Ghat Wednesday.

Later on Wednesday, Ghat Municipal Council announced forming an emergency committee to follow up with the escalating situation, as the Presidential Council (PC) announced allocating 10 million Libyan dinars for the crisis.

Amid the rapid escalations, Ghat’s officials have been warning of a ”humanitarian disaster” in the city.


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