LNA destroys Turkish plane bombing LNA’s sites

The air force of the Libyan National Army (LNA) destroyed Saturday a Turkish plane that was bombing LNA sites in and around Tripoli, al-Karama Operation Room announced.

The LNA’s Air Force targeted a drone on Wednesday as it landed at Mitiga airport after it had raided LNA forces.

Since the beginning of tension on 4 April, the LNA has accused Qatar and Turkey of funding militias and armed groups amid the war.

On May 18, a shipment of 40 Turkish armored vehicles and other arms reached Tripoli Port, coming from Samsun Port in Turkey.

Claims surfaced about the coalition forces loyal to the GNA receiving the shipment, which carried dozens of Turkish-made BMC Kirpi armored vehicles.

However, Turkish officials have made no comment regarding the shipment.

Previously, several shipments of weapons and ammunition arrived from Turkey, violating the U.N. resolution banning the sale and transfer of arms to Libya. The LNA and the Interim Government in eastern Libya strongly condemned the shipments every time, but the GNA’s reaction has been silent or lenient.


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