GNA denies reports on its progress in war

Neither the Government of National Accord (GNA) nor the Libyan National Army (LNA) has made progress in the ongoing war, spokesperson for the GNA forces Colonel Mohammed Gannouno said Sunday.

In an interview with Independent Arabia, Gannouno said the forces are deployed in southern Tripoli, denying claims on the advancement of the GNA forces in the hotspots of the fighting.

He added that the GNA has not achieved any progress in the war because it is “concerned about the safety and properties of Tripoli residents.”

This statement comes a week after sources claimed the GNA forces’ progress in areas previously controlled by the .

They added that heavy and medium weapons were used in clashes between the GNA and the LNA in different parts of the capital.

Witnesses reported that several random shells on houses of civilians in the area of Al-Swani, southwest of Tripoli, have damaged buildings.


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