Tunisia prevents 75 migrants from entering country

Tunisian authorities prevented a rescue boat carrying 75 migrants, mainly from Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt and Sudan, from landing on its port, Tunisian Red Crescent announced Tuesday.

The Red Crescent added that the ship has been stranded off the coast of Tunisia for 12 days.

Tunisian authorities refused to to allow them to come ashore as the migrant centers are too overcrowded, leaving the boat 25 km from the coastal city of Zarzis, southeastern Tunisia.

Red Crescent official Mongi Slim told Reuters doctors provided some medical help to the boat as some migrants are in bad conditions, but some had repeatedly refused any aid and demanded for the chance of a better life.

On June 5, Libyan Coast Guard rescued about 80 illegal migrants who were on board a ‘rubber boat’ off the coast of Libya, including 6 women and 3 children, hoping to reach Europe.

Most of the migrants were reported to be Sudanese nationals, in addition to different African nationalities.


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