Sarraj’s initiative ‘promising step’ to resolve crisis: Bashagha

The political initiative proposed by head of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Faiez al-Sarraj is a “promising step” to reach a radical solution for the Libyan crisis, GNA Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha said Monday.

In a meeting with Italian ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Buccino, Bashagha shed light on the recent developments in Libya’s security situation and the consequences of the war in the west.

On Sunday, Sarraj announced his initiative to resolve the escalating Libyan crisis and unify state institutions.

However, Khaled Mahjoub, head of the Moral Guidance Department at the LNA, told the Russian news agency on Monday a political solution is not an option as long as there are armed groups in Tripoli.

Sarraj’s initiative includes the convention of the Libyan National Forum, in cooperation with the U.N. Support Mission in Libya, to bring together all “influential national forces on the political and social scene,” reach a political and democratic solution and pave the way for parliamentary and presidential elections.

Under the initiative, a specialized legal committee should be formed to put into effect steps on which Libyan factions would agree during the forum.

The decentralisation of Libya, the fair distribution of financial resources, comprehensive spatial development for all parts of the country, transparency and good governance will all be tackled in the forum to be activated afterwards.


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