40 visa-free destinations for Libyan passport holders

Nearly fourty destinations around the world consider to be visa-free entry for all Libyan passport holders by 2019, according to Henley Passport Index, which ranked the Libyan passport as the 98th globally.

Most of these visa-free destinations are neighboring countries, mainly from Africa and Latin America, such as Algeria, Benin, Tunisia, Ecuador, Haiti, Malaysia, Mauritania, and Palestine.

According to Henley Passport Index, the Libyan passport was ranked 100 globally back in 2018.

The Henley Passport Index is a rigorous and sophisticated measure of global access, its official website says. It provides information about visas, ranks and compares passports, analyzes the strength of each passport and means to improve mobility.

Libya has been witnessing violent acts and political conflicts since the toppling of Muammar Qaddafi, who had ruled for more than four decades before falling in a popular uprising.

Since then, political and armed factions have vied for power and control of the country’s oil wealth. After a battle for Tripoli in 2014, the country split into rival eastern and western administrations.

And despite all of the international attempts to reach political solutions in Libya, the capital, Tripoli, was the latest to wittiness a fierce fighting, waged by the Libyan National Army (LNA) which launched an offensive against the city and the Government of National Accord (GNA)‘s forces on April 4, claiming to be “liberating the country from terrorism”.

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