Libya suspends $78m credit for Turkish Company’s project

The Audit Bureau in al-Bayda, eastern Libya, announced Tuesday the suspension of a letter of credit worth more than $78 million granted to Turkish development company Taja.

It said on its Facebook page that the grant had been allocated to establish an entertainment project, adding that the amount was planned to be transferred to the Arab-Turkish Bank in Istanbul.

This comes as a result of the Audit Bureau’s earlier decision on prohibiting financial and commercial dealings with all Turkish companies, including all import operations.

Meanwhile, the Libyan National Army spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari announced the suspension of flights between Libya and Turkey, which came because of its interference in the Libyan affairs.

Tensions between Turkey and entities in eastern Libya began early on, as Ankara has sent several weapon shipments in the past months to armed groups who fight for the Government of National Accord. 

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