HoR calls on Arab League to confront Turkish interference

The National Defense and Security Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) condemned the threats of the Turkish Foreign and Defense Ministries to the Libyan National Army (LNA), describing them as a “blatant interference” in Libyan affairs.

In a Monday statement, the committee called on parliament speaker Aguila Saleh to contact the Arab League to hold an emergency meeting over the Turkish interference in Libya, blaming the Presidency Council for this situation.

The statement said the Turkish threats came to provide a political cover for Ankara’s “support for terrorism” in Libya. 

The LNA has repeatedly accused Turkey of supporting terrorist groups in Libya. 

Saleh, who has headed the HoR since 2014, has announced a state of general mobilization and alert across the Libyan territories in response to the Turkish threats.

Earlier, the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned the Turkish government against any act that would threaten the safety of the Libyan citizens and properties inside and outside the country. The ministry demanded Ankara not to interfere in the Libyan internal affairs, and to halt its support for terrorist militias and armed groups. 

The Foreign Ministry further called on the international community to take responsibility for investigating crimes carried out by Turkish-backed militias, especially in Gharyan, Gharghour, Ruwaymi, Barak al-Shati, Derna, Benghazi, Bani Waled, Tazirbu.

The LNA spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari stressed on Sunday that no militias or terrorists will be allowed in Libya, saying military operations will continue until all terrorists are eradicated.

The Interim Government in the east also demanded to end the contracts of all Turkish companies operating in Libya, boycott Turkish products and industries, and suspend civil flights from and to Turkey via Libyan airlines.

These developments came in conjunction with the LNA’s military operations against Tripoli since April.


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