Int’l attention to water crisis in Libya

An action plan to address Libya’s water crisis was discussed in a Tuesday meeting between U.N., World Bank, UNICEF and Libyan officials.

Government of National Accord (GNA) officials from the General Authority for Water Resources, ministries of finance and planning met with the delegations to tackle the escalating water crisis in the country following the repeated attacks on the water transport network.

The U.N. Support Mission in Libya said in a statement that the meeting dealt with the mechanism to agree on a plan regarding the water issue that has recently exacerbated due to the ongoing conflict between the GNA and the Libyan National Army.

They touched on means to provide security for the Great Man-Made River Authority, which has recently warned of widespread water supply cuts from large areas because of recent significant attacks on water transport routes and serious disruptions in the supply of these routes.

The Great Man-Made River in Libya is the largest irrigation project in the world as it is a network of pipes that supplies water from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System fossil aquifer to the Sahara in Libya.

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