LNA shoots down GNA’s plane while targeting Tarhuna

The Libyan National Army (LNA) shot down on Thursday an L39 plane of the Government of National Accord (GNA) after taking off from Misurata Air Academy while trying to launch a raid on Tarhuna city, according to LNA spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari.

The GNA has not commented on its attempt to attack Tarhuna thus far.

As part of its military operation in the western region since 4 April, LNA troops have controlled Tarhuna, about 65 kilometers to the southeast of Tripoli.

The most recent tensions between the LNA and GNA broke our in Gharyan after the GNA launched a sudden attack on the city, the LNA’s main base.

GNA spokesperson Mohammed Qannouno said on June 18 the GNA launched eight airstrikes on the LNA’s operation room.

The LNA withdrew Wednesday from Gharyan following the clashes, which killed 20 members of the LNA and 10 others of the GNA while injuring nine affiliated to the LNA.


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