Benghazi Port receives freighter ship carrying 151 US-made cars

A freighter ship, named “Atlantic Norte,” arrived at Benghazi Port Friday carrying 437 containers of various goods, including 151 U.S.-made cars.

Among the goods, there were also medical supplies, generators and electrical materials, and other goods.

During April and June, Benghazi port received 107 commercial vessels carrying 12,000 containers, according to a report released by the port administration two days ago.

The port also received 31 oil tankers loaded with different types of petroleum products.

Earlier, the state authorities in eastern Libya and U.S. security firm Guidry Group announced they are finalizing a $1.5-billion agreement to develop a major sea port in the region.

The Guidry Group and Libya through the Sea Port Authority officially signed the concession agreement on May 13 for the development of a multi-purpose, deep sea port in Susah, northeastern Libya, the company announced.

Talks have been going on for about a year to build a port in Susah, which would mark the first big investment in Libya in decades.

Ravaged by fighting between rival groups and split into different administrations, Libya urgently needs jobs for youths who otherwise look to a bloated public sector or take up guns to earn their daily bread.


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