Tripoli war witnesses its final stage: Karama Operation Room

The war in Tripoli is about to “come to an end” as the Libyan National Army (LNA) has mobilised its forces to liberate the capital, director of the LNA Karama Operation Room Khaled al-Mahjoub said Monday.

In a statement to Sputnik news, Brigadier General Mahjoub added that the LNA special forces were sent to the outskirts of Tripoli to lead the upcoming battles, explaining that this step indicates the final stage of the Tripoli war.

The number of the military personnel sent to Tripoli is sufficient to “liberate” it, he told Sputnik.

Sources in the eastern LNA said the army prepares for a “decisive battle” in the western region after mobilizing more than 20,000 members and allowing for the participation of fighter aircrafts in the battle for the first time.

The sources added that part of the battle will be dedicated to retake the LNA’s main base in Gharyan city from the armed groups of the Government of National Accord.


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