Libyan clerks take part in Al-Azhar’s anti-extremism workshop

Egypt’s largest Muslim authority, Al-Azhar, is organizing a workshop to discuss ways of confronting terrorism and extremism with the participation of 50 Libyan clerks.

The workshop, which starts on Monday, gives a chance to the participants to speak openly about extremism in their societies and how to promote moderate understandings of Islam.

The clerks will learn developed methods to fight extreme ideas of terrorist groups and to spread the culture of dialogue and tolerance among the people. The workshop will also focus on enhancing the role of mosques in correcting common misunderstandings about the Islamic law.

In 2015, a similar workshop was held in Cairo and several Libyan activists were invited. The event was part of a larger campaign to combat extremism in Libya by promoting moderate understandings of Islam.

Since the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi’s regime in 2011, militias have killed dozens of soldiers and civil servants from the dictator’s era. Culprits have justified the murders with religious rhetoric.

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